Senior Section

The Senior Section members are aged fourteen to twenty five and we are delighted in Pembrokeshire that this is one section which continues to grow. Members can be Rangers, Young Leaders or Unit Guiders.

The Look Wider programme offers a range of activities and challenges and motivates members to try out new things – it could be learning a language, playing a musical instrument, running a marathon, camping in the wilds or volunteering overseas.  It is flexible and participants can take their chosen activities as far as they wish, from taster level all the way to gaining a qualification that is recognised outside Guiding.

Senior Section members undertake a wide range of awards and qualifications. These include the Leadership qualification, which helps them in running Guiding units, the internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, and other prestigious awards specific to Guiding.

There are many international opportunities open to Senior Section members.  They range from attending Guiding events abroad to volunteering on community projects in developing countries.

Look Wider

Look Wider is a programme that has been designed exclusively for Senior Section members.  The programme contains eight octants, which aim to encourage young women to develop new skills and improve existing ones:

  • creativity
  • fit for life
  • community action
  • out of doors
  • international
  • independent living
  • personal values
  • leadership

Octants can be completed in any order and young women can do activities towards more than one octant at the same time, as individuals or part of a group.

You can find out more about the Senior Section if you visit The Girlguiding UK’s Senior Section Web Pages

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